M2 dentists provides high quality specialised oral care for a standard price. Tariffs for dental treatment in the Netherlands are fixed in law. Our personal service and comfortable design are included, free of charge!


After discussing a treatment plan, you will always receive a budget plan for any comprehensive treatment or treatment costing more than €150. You will receive the budget plan after your discussion or by e-mail. This way, you know beforehand what you will be expected to pay. You can also request a budget plan for regular or minor treatments. Please send an e-mail to info@m2tandartsen.nl or give us a call: Oegstgeest practice 071 517 28 91, Voorburg practice 070 386 76 51.

Collaboration with Famed

We prefer to concentrate on providing the best possible oral care, so we have entrusted Famed with our invoicing and collection. Famed is a specialist in invoicing for various industries, including dental practices. Once your treatment is complete, Famed will send an invoice to you on behalf of M2 dental practitioners. The invoice will clearly itemise everything that we have done with accompanying codes. These codes are linked to the tariff list of the NZa.

If you have insurance cover for dental care, you can claim the costs back from your insurer after you have paid Famed. If your insurer already has an agreement with Famed, you invoice will be sent directly to your insurer for processing. You may still receive a “balance invoice” from Famed or your insurer for any costs that could not be reimbursed.

For further information or questions about your invoice, please visit www.notavanfamed.nl or call Famed on 0900 08 85 (€0.90 per call plus your standard rate).


The Dutch care authorities (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit, NZa) fix the activities, codes and tariffs for dental treatments in law. As you would expect, we adhere to these stipulations. Please click here for the full list of activities, codes and tariffs.

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