Our organisation

M2 dentists is a large and divers team of skilled oral care professionals with a passion for people and their field.


The reintroduction of fixed tariffs for oral care has led to new developments within dentistry. Not being able to distinguish on price demands innovative entrepreneurship in which the needs and experiences of the patient are central. The key is to offer greater value for the same price. M2 dental practitioners distinguishes itself by offering a perfect combination of outstanding dentistry, hostmanship, personal attention and a healthy return. This way, we ensure life-long healthy and beautiful teeth and satisfied and loyal clients!

The highest quality oral care

Outstanding dentistry comprises a range of specialisms and differentiations. Working closely in broad dentistry teams helps us to maintain an outstanding level of oral care. However, working as part of a team is not enough on its own. New techniques, technologies and insights within dentistry follow in rapid succession, and this demands continuous training and further training to ensure that we maintain a high level of specialist knowledge amongst our team members. We call this lifelong learning.

Superlative service

Hostmanship is about more than client-friendliness, service and client focus. It is the art of helping people to feel welcome and valued. This requires our team members to be knowledgeable, empathetic, supportive and responsible, but extends much further, to ensuring that the design of our practices creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for our clients. So we do away with the impersonal reception or counter on arrival, preferring a tasteful hotel lobby with a hostess on hand to offer you a warm welcome.

Personal attention, the basis for trust

A visit to the dentist begins with trust, so forming a bond with your dentist is essential. We focus a considerable amount of attention on establishing this personal bond, which includes clear and personal communication. The other specialists in the treatment team can complement and assist your dentist, allowing us to achieve the optimum dental results. Your dentist will remain your fixed point of contact throughout your treatment plan.


M2 dentists is a leading full service practice. We offer our clients care and attention with modern, outstanding dentistry within a very well organised organisation. Our team always has access to professional treatment rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. M2 dental practitioners constantly incorporates the newest insights, techniques and technologies into its work. The team has a wide range of opportunities at its disposal when it comes to training, quality and improving specialist knowledge, allowing us to ensure life-long healthy and beautiful teeth for everyone.

Our approach

M2 dentists boasts a varied team of specialists comprising dentists, dental hygienists, prophylaxis assistants and dental prostheticians under a single roof, all working to clear guidelines and processes. All of our specialists provide professional treatment and outstanding care. Alongside general practice, virtually all dentists have a specialism or focus area such as implants, braces, cosmetic dentistry or temporomandibular joints. With support from assistants, practice managers and receptionists, the entire team is free to focus on ensuring the highest level of oral care.

Follow-up appointments

In addition to a visit to the dentist, treatment by a prophylaxis assistant helps to improve the health and hygiene of your mouth. Following an examination by the dentist, our prophylaxis assistant will carry out the M2 prevention plan for you. If we think that you need a separate appointment, the hostess will be happy to make one for you. If, during the examination, we think that follow-up treatment is necessary, we will make a separate follow-up appointment for you.

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