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Mr Van Dam (43) smiled rarely because he was so embarrassed of his teeth. He thought that there was nothing that could be done about it, but after his children suggested it, he made an appointment with M2 dental practitioners.

Following a comprehensive examination, our team put together an M2 make-over treatment plan detailing the timetable, a budget plan and the expected result. Mr Van Dam was so surprised by the options available to him that he decided there and then to go ahead with the plan. His treatment was complete after a year, and he has a smile on his face once again. His only regret is that he didn’t get in touch with M2 dental practitioners sooner.


Pieter (15) had an easy introduction to his dentist. As a three year old, he sat on his mother’s lap when she was in the treatment chair, looked into the little mirror with the dentist and even had the mirror popped it into his own mouth. Learning how to brush his teeth properly was the next step, and visiting the dentist became routine to Pieter. When he turned six he received protective fluoride treatments. His dentist monitored the teeth as Pieter’s milk teeth fell out and his adult teeth developed, and sealed his molars against cavities. Following Pieter’s eleventh birthday, his dentist assessed his need for a brace. And as Pieter is a hockey enthusiast, his dentist gave him a mouth guard for extra protection.


Ms Van Gaal (65) had been experiencing dental problems for a while. Several of her molars had fallen out and some of her teeth were loose. Ms Van Gaal’s biggest concern was having to live without her teeth or having to have dentures fitted, and this was a major barrier to her making an appointment with a dentist. But she did, and after thorough treatment of her gums, she learned that her stronger teeth could be preserved. The remainder were replaced by implants. Her teeth are now just as beautiful as they were before.

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Although we give everything our very best effort, there’s always the possibility that you leave dissatisfied. If that’s the case, then we welcome your comments, as this gives us the opportunity to learn from your complaint and to continually improve the care that we offer. We will of course discuss the best way forward to help resolve your complaint. An enlightening conversation with your dentist may be a solution in itself.

If we can’t find a solution together, then please contact the Dentistry Information Point of the Royal Dutch Dental Association by telephone on 0900 202 50 12 (€0.15 per minute). The complaints procedure of the Royal Dutch Dental Association satisfies the stipulations of the Clients’ Right of Complaint Act. For further information see www.nmt.nl.

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