M2 Prevention Plan

M2 tandartsen believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore we invite you to come and visit us periodically for a preventive examination.

M2 Prevention Plan


You will receive an invitation to attend a preventive examination on a periodic basis. During your visit, we will examine the condition of your gums, remove any tartar and plaque and give you information on how best to look after your teeth and gums. If you need a follow-up appointment with the prevention assistant or dental hygienist, we will make one for you then, helping you to keep your teeth in perfect condition.


Not everything is visible with the naked eye, so we’ll take a number of photos of your teeth once or twice a year. Doing this gives us a clearer image of your overall dental hygiene and allows us to recommend the best treatment for you.



You don’t need an invitation to make an appointment, you can contact us whenever you need to.
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